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Urgent: Court solidarity needed for Port of Olympia arrestees

This is it! The big, final pre-trial hearing! Either they take over 20 of us to trial, or we all walk. It'll all be decided Friday morning, and we need your solidarity!


On May 30th, 2006, 22 people were arrested at the Port of Olympia front gate for non-violent civil disobedience, in an attempt to stop war shipments bound for Iraq.

The courts have tried to scare us. They've tried to intimidate us. They've tried to break our solidarity. They've thrown around such ludicrous threats as a $29,000 fine to cover the port's costs incurred during our demonstration. They've threatened jail time. They've offered "deals" with such stipulations as not being able to be arrested for the same offense again within a year, not being able to be in the secured area of the Port of Olympia, and having to pay $200 restitution per person to that very port. Not one of these terms is acceptable.

Now, I can't speak on behalf of everyone else in our tight-knit, highly communicative group. Only myself. But the way I see it, they can go to Hell with their "deals." I can spend ninety days in jail. I can work $1000 worth of community service. But I don't back down from nobody.

But none of that will be necessary. We have the prosecution on the ropes. They're reeling. The original prosecutor upped and disappeared, and the new prosecutor simply cannot handle this kind of caseload in such short order. All we need is one strong show of presence in the courtroom, to show the prosecution that they'll never scare us, and we will win.

Did you say "party?"

I sure did! We're hosting a party, right there in our courtroom! Thurston County Courthouse (a three minute bus ride from downtown Oly), this Friday morning at 9 am. If you live anywhere near Olympia and support a swift, non-violent end to the brutal occupation of Iraq, come on down and hang out with the Olympia 22 in a show of solidarity! There'll be fun, music, dancing. The party begins tonight, will move to the courthouse in the morning, and will go on even after the prosecution throws our cases out the window.

Wear something that identifies you as a supporter of the arrestees. (For instance, a bandana around your neck.) Let's show the world that immoral war can and will be resisted, not just by highly recognized nationwide activist groups, but by dedicated individuals, inspired into doing good on the ground level.

If you need any more info, drop me a line at ersatzcats@yahoo.com.

Tear it down!
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