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News of War Resistance
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This is a news community for accounts of war resistance demonstrations. News of any act of war resistance, past or upcoming, especially those unique and creative, is welcome. This is open to events staged by any individual or group.

For the purpose of this community, "war resistance" will include civilian acts of direct action, civil disobedience, or other such disruption; active duty soldiers opposing or otherwise refusing to participate in the war in Iraq, or even just speaking out against it; and large scale education campaigns (news on anti-war movies opening and such, but not on when that movie will be playing in your little hometown that nobody cares about).

This community, for now, will focus on the war in and occupation of Iraq. Curious passers-by are welcome. TROLLS WILL BE SHOWN NO MERCY!!!!! Friendly posts that are more fit for a general debate community than this news based community will be given friendly warnings or suggestions. Posts clearly not attempting to adhere to any of the community guidelines will be deleted without warning. Oh, and I shouldn't have to remind y'all that nobody knows anybody on the internet, and that you should just assume the U.S. military reads this.

I, wallynotorious, will facilitate the community, in a sort of LJ consensus way. Posts regarding community policy are welcome, and major changes will be noted (but, barring feedback, the user info will be changed whenever).

One more thing, and consider this a fair warning more than anything: I'm a U.S. Navy Veteran. You're free to use your posts here to generalizingly condemn all U.S. Soldiers and advocate their immediate murder - I'm not a fascist. But if you do, just don't expect to not take a shit in your cereal.


This is a place to promote upcoming war resistance actions, especially those that could draw a nationwide crowd.

This is a place to share news of acts of resistance (whether you had a hand in it or not) and analysis of the effectiveness of those events.


This is NOT a place for people to post about what people "ought to be doing," or to share good ideas that have not been tried. If you think it's a good idea, organize it and do it, and the instant it has started, post here and tell us how it's going. Don't worry about not being brave enough, just do it anyway. Action is the only thing worth talking about.